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Follow all the Matt Hoffmann RAAM training, logistics, and general prepartion for RAAM 2015.

Inspiration and Love

Matt Hoffmann

For everyone reading this... this is my first time writing a blog. I have kept journals and diaries for years; this is different, yet the same.

You already know that I am racing RAAM this year. Race Across America is not something I could do alone. In the past few years, I made many positive changes in my life. I am fortunate to have been surrounded by positive, loving, caring people throughout my life, yet for many years I was unable to accept the gifts of their friendship. NOW I am!

What's different now? I found a love for myself and with that have been able to take in all the love and friendship around me. I am truly blessed to have so much support, kindness, and partnership to help me become the best possible "Matt Hoffmann." Seeing myself through the eyes of others, and believing in myself the way others believe in me, is tremendously powerful. 

Recently, I have been coaching a young friend who has lost his way. Like me, things are not easy for him, and he has to work hard to live the way most take for granted. As I reach out daily to talk with him, help him set goals and move toward them, I am simply looking in the mirror and talking with myself. As I help him stay focused on what's important, it reminds me to do the same. As he grows and learns, moving forward step-by-step and goal-by-goal, he can be proud of himself, as I am proud of him. I am inspired by his young man and others around me, by their courage and commitment to embrace positive change and growth.

The inspiration and love we receive moves us forward. I am committed to sharing with others with the same tools and kindness given to me.

I have many people to thank for working with me. Special thanks to Equal Earth and CCSD for believing in me, pushing me to "go big" setting goals, and providing the tools to achieve them.  

The inspiration and love are all around us; we just have to be open and willing to accept them.