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Follow all the Matt Hoffmann RAAM training, logistics, and general prepartion for RAAM 2015.

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Guest Post: Why the Matt Hoffmann RAAM and Equal Earth Partnership is a Natural Fit

Liz Fratus

It’s been a great year so far — and we are excited about all that’s in store for 2015. While Matt Hoffmann RAAM headquarters gets ready for a transcontinental journey that will kick off this June, the Equal Earth team has been busy closing new projects and deals that will transform the future of our company.
Recently, I was fortunate to spend time with Matt Hoffmann out on his bike while he prepares for what is bound to be an unforgettable journey. Matt’s goal is to ride for 10 days for the 3,000+ mile race from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis MD. It’s going to be epic!

Andrew Duggan, CEO of Equal Earth, racing Ironman in 2014.

As CEO of Equal Earth and as an athlete myself, I couldn’t be more proud to have our company sponsor Matt Hoffmann RAAM. In recent months, I’ve gotten a lot of questions about why Equal Earth decided to partner with Matt Hoffmann RAAM on this journey — and the answer is simple.
Matt Hoffmann is 100% committed to making a difference in this world. He is a remarkable example of how a single person can make a significant impact in his or her community when committed to a cause.    
Matt’s will to succeed, perseverance and dedication to making this world a better place embodies the type of values that we embrace at Equal Earth. At Equal Earth, while we focus on improving the lives of our customers through renewable energy solutions, we also believe that giving back to the community can and should take many different forms.

Matt’s will to succeed, perseverance and dedication to making this world a better place embodies the type of values that we embrace at Equal Earth.

As an athlete, CEO and proud friend, sponsoring Matt Hoffmann RAAM is one way that I’d like to pay it forward.

Andrew Duggan is the founder and CEO of Equal Earth, a leading solar systems and solar financing company. He is also an accomplished Ironman.

Matt Hoffmann RAAM: Partnerships Attained

Robert Panzera

Here at Matt Hoffmann RAAM headquarters we are busy with our initial preparations. Matt himself is out there riding and spreading the word about his amazing journey as he builds for Race Across America (RAAM) solo. His goal is 10 days for the 3,000+ mile transcontinental journey from Oceanside, CA to Annapolis MD. When we see him these days, whether for a social ride or coaching a local clinic (i.e., he was recently spotted coaching Category 5 racers at the USA Cycling Beginner Racing Program), he's in full Equal Earth cycling kit putting in the time and miles to ensure his body is ready for competition in June 2015.

Although Matt Hoffmann RAAM is fully sponsored by Equal Earth, our team has recently firmed-up partnerships with two companies, Book A Bike Mechanic and Eliel Cycling, who we know are "changing how we power the world." is your source for top-notch service. Ther network of bicycle mechanics is made of the best available. They have years of experience and have been trusted at the World Championship and World Cup level. A cyclist can locate, learn about, and book a top notch mechanic right through their site. Their goal is to set themselves apart with top customer service, dependability, and integrity.

Eliel Cycling are makers of authentic California cycling gear. For Eliel, team based innovation is key. Innovative is not an individual process; it is decidedly social. At the inception of each product Eliel includes every discipline of the internal team, in effort to get closer to the answer. Every perspective informs the solution and deepens their understanding of the final product. Eliel has assembled a fantastic team, each an expert in their field, with a singular goal. Their greatest desire is to provide our clients with a highly customized experience and our expertise affords us the confidence to makes the clients desires come to life. Eliel is trusted veterans in the custom cycling market. We cut no corners, makes friends easily, and want to support every person’s cycling dreams.

The Matt Hoffmann RAAM logistics planning team continues to rent equipment, secure lodging, review travel, and most importantly assemble the right crew to take make safely and quickly across the US. Stayed tuned for a crew review in next month's blog, and keep an eye out for another Matt Hoffmann RAAM party in San Diego in February!